Accessibility Teacher Toolkit

In this session, we will explore edtech tools that will level the playing field for students with disabilities in online, hybrid, or traditional classroom settings. We will check out and use accessibility options for Microsoft including the immersive reader, google chrome add ons and extensions, and websites that will save you teacher time when it comes to differentiating content! These accessibility tools will knock your teacher's socks off!

Learning outcomes:

  • Microsoft's accessibility features are awesome! They're really easy to use and will help you get around the computer more easily. Plus, there are many other features that make Microsoft the best out there for people with disabilities. 

Duration of the workshop:  60 minutes

Presentation Modality: In-person or virtual 


  • "Dr. Fecich's accessibility session provided educators of all levels with a digital tool kit of resources they can use to help their students with special needs reach their full educational potentials." - Preservice Teacher Participant

  • "Attending Dr. Fecich’s accessibility session was so amazing! I learned so much from her today about technological learning tools, ones that I never knew existed! Now I will be able to use these tools in my future classroom!" - Preservice Teacher Participant

  • "The teacher tool kit accessibility session presented by Dr. Sam really showed me how intentional I can be with resources for my students. Being in an inclusion classroom with students on differing reading levels, the immersive reader feature can be super helpful for individualized attention for students." - Preservice Teacher Participant