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Digital PD for Educators

Growing and learning is a continuous process for everyone…including educators. Let us guide you through different digital professional development opportunities that can strengthen your practice and confidence in your classroom.



This interactive book features a collection of resources, ideas, and information that will help any educator (pre-service or in-service) learn how to use social media to expand their professional learning network (PLN) beyond their local contexts. The book is easy to read, visually appealing, and has several interactive exercises throughout. It is designed to support professional learning by providing space (literally space to write notes!) to reflect on professional learning needs, interests, and goals. I highly recommend this book for teachers, teacher educators, and anyone interested in using social media to grow their PLNs.

 I enjoyed this, and feel that pre-service and early career teachers would benefit from this text. It's also great for teachers who may feel they are less tech-savvy. I even learned new things, such as more details about Twitter chats and ideas on sharing resources with teachers I'm mentoring. I appreciate the vocabulary and descriptions throughout.  Teachers of all levels of experience would benefit from this. 

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