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Crush it from the Start: 50 Tips for New Teachers

Is it what you expected? For many new teachers, that answer is a resounding no! The challenges and barriers you face may be unlike anything you prepared for or learned about before stepping into the classroom. Teaching is an amazing and wonderful career but rife with obstacles.

Trust experienced, practicing educators to prepare you for the realities of teaching! Drs. Matt, Sam, Casey, and Kevin will lead you through the hottest topics, surprising situations, and crucial advice to help you flourish in year one.

We know what it’s like to enter a classroom for the first time and think, “I’m the adult in charge right now?” Authors Matt, Sam, Casey, and Kevin have extensive experience in teaching and as leaders in helping pre-service educators transition to the classroom. The first year can be overwhelming from the start.

Our upcoming book will shorten your learning curve and help you operate at your best in the classroom. Furthermore, we will lead you through some of the most difficult and jarring situations a teacher may ever have to handle. Through compassion, empathy, and experience, we will prepare you for the realities of the classroom.

This isn’t just a book. It is the confidence boost you need to become the teacher you always wanted.



This is far more than I expected it to be. I'm a 42 year old who is changing careers to become a high school social studies teacher and I want to make copies of each worksheet in the book and file them away so I have them going forward in my studies and as a teacher. This book is fantastic for brand new teachers, future teachers entering a program, and teachers who have been doing it for a while and want to brush up.

If you are a teacher, this is a wonderful resource! I have been teaching for 25 years and have found it to be a wonderful resource! I just wish I would have had it from the beginning of my career! Thank you for writing this book! I hope to use it as I guide new teachers in the University setting!

This book is comprehensive and practical for new teachers (and experienced teachers). It is an outstanding resource for any new teacher who wants to start their career on the right foot. The authors, veteran educators, share their wealth of experience and knowledge in a concise and engaging manner that makes the book easy to read and implement.

One of the things I appreciated most about this book was the practicality of the tips. Each chapter is devoted to a specific tip for teaching and offers actionable advice on how to excel in that area and resources. From preparing for your first day in your own classroom to instructional strategies to professional development, the authors cover all the essential topics new teachers need to know.

Overall, I highly recommend "Crush it from the start: 50 tips for new teachers" to any new teacher who doesn't know where to start and looking to improve their skills and make a positive impact in the classroom. The book is informative, engaging, and full of practical advice that will help you thrive in your new role.

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