5 truths every new  teacher needs to hear

This talk is designed to help you, as a beginning teacher, thrive during your first year of teaching by asking you to reflect, challenge yourself, and celebrate wins in and out of the classroom. It is hard- yes. But you can do it. Yes, it can be tough. But, most importantly, it is worth it! You have to live it to learn it. You have to go through the experience to learn the best practices for your learners, your environment, your style.  It won’t all be a walk in the park. There will be hard moments - but YOU got this! 


Learning outcomes:

  • If you're a new teacher, I want you to know some truths about the incredible journey you're about to start.

    • Think about the expectations that you have for yourself as a teacher and a leader in your classroom. 

    • You are unstoppable, and you can do anything if you put in the effort and work hard.

    • Disappointments come with the job, but it's important to overcome

    • As a teacher, you have to get organized and plan ahead for the year. You'll need to  set up your classroom and make sure you have everything you need for the year with your students in mind.

    • Focusing on your why will help you figure out what you want to be. It will give you the motivation to do what it takes to reach your goals.


Duration of the workshop: 60 minutes

Presentation Modality: In-person or virtual