Crush student teaching from day  1

Strategies to help student teachers on the path towards a successful experience before, during, and after will be shared. Topics related to organization, relationship building, lesson planning, observing, and more will be covered.

Learning outcomes:

  • During this session student, teachers will engage with ideas and strategies to help them crush student teaching from day one. This session is divided into 3 parts. Each part will focus on three main areas that relate to the topic. 

  • Topic  1: how to crush student teaching before the experience even begins - ​Student-teacher binder​, letter, organization, and the lesson planning process and resources will be discussed

  • Topic 2: how to crush it during student teaching - take risks, open mindset, building relationships, and observation dos and don'ts will be broken down. 
    Topic 3: how to reflect upon your experience after student teaching - reflection, digital portfolios, and interview skills are discussed 

Duration of the workshop: 60 minutes

Presentation Modality: In-person or virtual 

Presentation testimonials:

" Listening to Dr. Sam speak is always a pleasure. I am already learning something new or expanding on already known knowledge. From this session, I really want to work on the connections with my students. Dr. Sam made a great point about checking in with my students in clinical 1&2 and it's something super important that I wish to become better at doing. Dr. Sam's energy is always welcomed and wanted with her content-filled presentations. What a great time!

 - Preservice teacher, Kean University

" I enjoyed the presentation tonight. It was a great experience on how to become a student teacher that changes lives through networking and there is no harm in taking risks." - Preservice teacher, Millersville University

" So thankful for @SFecich to take the time to talk our class today about tips and tricks about student teaching! Super helpful!"

." - Preservice teacher, Indiana State University

"I learned so many helpful tips from @SFecich today! My class and I were so lucky to hear from her! I already feel like a more confident future educator" - Preservice teacher, Millersville University

"Every single tip Dr. Fecich provided during the seminar applies! - Preservice teacher, Kean University 

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