Add some EduMagic to your college career

Teaching doesn't begin when you cross the stage at graduation - it begins during your first college class, 8:00 AM, Monday morning. Learn about strategies so you can hit the ground running during your first year as an educator of excellence. Learn about digital presence, uniting a PLN, and how to make the most out of college courses. Discover how YOU can be an educator of excellence with some EduMagic!


Learning outcomes:

  • Pitch yourself perfect

  • Focus on your Why

  • Utilize a PLN for eduawesomeness

  • Harness your digital presence with next steps and tips


Duration: 45-60 minutes

Presentation Modality: In person or virtual

Presentation testimonials:

"Dr. Sam Fecich's knowledge of technology, as well as her passion for education, is truly inspiring for pre-service teachers. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Fecich for the first time at the ECET2 conference where she sparked my curiosity and built my knowledge of the digital world. I was delighted to be able to attend the SuperStart conference at Cal and hear her speak again on technology and EduMagic.


She kick-started the conference by helping me to remember why it is that I became a teacher. In addition, I learned how to create a digital presence for myself that showcases my talents to the world. In her breakout session, I was able to work hands-on with virtual reality and augmented reality apps that I can use with my students." - Christina King, student-teacher, 2019

"After learning about Dr. Fecich’s work through the TRETC conference, I knew her message for teacher candidates would be a perfect fit for the CalU Education SuperStart Conference—a conference designed to help teacher candidates--undergraduate and graduate, including student teachers--explore careers in the field of education and learn how to prepare for the job search.  When I contacted her about presenting the Keynote at the conference, she was very personable, willing, and enthusiastic about partnering for the conference. 


Overall, Dr. Fecich’s passion for educating teacher candidates enables her to bring out their best qualities and inspire them to make their own great contributions to the field of education.  She really made our teacher candidates believe their voice and pre-service work in education matters." - Dr. Rebeca Maddas, Professor of Education, Cal U super start conference 2019

"I learned the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone to promote myself for future job positions. I also realized how important it is to build that network with other teachers and education professionals.

My biggest takeaway was that everyone is different, so we’re all going to be different types of teachers. But, this is totally fine because we all have such a passion for teaching and that is what is most important.

." - Preservice teacher, Millersville PAECT conference 2019

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