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Listen in on the conversations between myself and amazing educational podcast hosts. These are shows where I am the guest and I chat about topics from higher education to preparing future teachers. Look for the most recent interviews to be on the top. 


 Podcasts are amazing resources for professional development. You can choose topics that are of interest to you, listen at your own pace, and learn on the go. I love to listen and learn on my commute and share what I learn on social media.

Please reach out on social using #EduMagic with your takeaways and ideas! I look forward to connecting and learning from you! 


Going the Distance with Distance Learning

Learn best tips and strategies for making distance education work for you and your learners.  Sam Fecich author of EduMagic and Edushine  joins Dr. Dickenson in this conversation about how teachers can go the distance with distance education.


In AWE of Sam Fecich--Teacher Series

In this episode, we learn how Dr. Sam got into education and how her passions for special education and ed tech came together in the role she is currently serving. From her story, we learn how we too can lean into moments of challenge, knowing that the path that is made for us will clear up eventually if we are willing to persevere. Listen to it here.


Sprinkle a Little Magic Wherever You Teach

On today's episode, Sam joined me to talk about the eight ways she empowers student teachers to become what she calls "educators of excellence". Listen to it here.


The Beer EDU Podcast 

Kyle and Ben 

Future Teacher Prep with Sam Fecich. Kyle & Ben are joined by Dr. Sam Fecich and her husband, Josh, to chat about her role as a professor of educational technology and the work she puts in to prepare her students to become teachers.

Sam also talks about her book, Edumagic, connecting her students with teachers around the world via social media, and her process in selecting educational apps for her class. Listen to it here

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Ed Stories - Volume 3

Shane Lawrence

During this episode I share about a project that I did to empower parents and students. Listen to it here.

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Ed Podcast E 95

Shane Lawrence

During this episode I share with Shane about staying healthy, and wherever I am be all there. Listen to the episode here


Education Academy

Tyler Tarver

Tyler and I chat about everything from Educating future teachers to sharing in Higher Ed to the latest tech to much more. Listen to it here.


EdTech Bites

Gabriel Carrillo 

We discuss must have apps for pre-service teachers. In addition, Sam tells us about one of her favorite family restaurants. This is a must-listen for pre-service teachers to have ready to go for day 1 in the classroom. Listen to the episode here


I Wish I Knew EDU

Ramona Meharg

Listen in on my conversation with Ramona as we discuss about what I wish I knew before I was a teacher, virtual co-ops and edtech! Listen here.


Leader of Learning

Dan Kreiness

We discuss my book, “EduMagic, and my work at the higher education level with pre-service teachers, and the state of teacher induction programs. Give it a listen here

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Planning Period

Brad Shreffler

 I talk about the process of writing a book, some of the differences between college and K-12 education, helping others find their confidence to share what they’re doing, being a lifelong learner, trying new things, and technology in the special needs classroom. Listen to it here

House of EdTech

Chris Nesi

Listen in on our conversation as we discuss building a PLN, edtech tools every preservice teacher should know about, and of course some EduMagic. Listen to it here

The Dr. Will Show

Dr. Will Deyamport, III, Ed.D.

Dr. Will and I chat all things EduMagic! We chat about each section and why it is a must read for all future educators. Listen to it here

10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Vicki Davis

During this episode Vicki and I discuss the ins and out of the virtual co-op program. We talk about what it is an how to set it up! Listen to it here

Some Must-Have Tips For Teachers in the Online Space

In this episode Sam speaks about creating a digital portfolio, how Google is the newresume, and the dos and don'ts of online professional conduct for teachers. Sam challenges beginning teachers to see their online profiles as professional references, not personal accounts of all aspects of their lives.

Teacher Blogs

Tim Cavey

This is a podcast that amplifies the voices of education writers that are seen, read, but need to be heard.  Read this post on the web here. Listen to the episode here. 

Inspiring Teachers

Danny and Tavis

Danny and I talk about making an impact on future generations of students.  I am a teacher of teachers where I prepare pre-service teachers with Special Education experience and dives deep into new technology and instructional methods. Listen in on our conversation here. 

Mike and Dyane

I am the author of EduMagic and a college professor. In this show, I share how I am  using social media and innovative techniques to prepare our next generation of teachers for their careers as educators. Listen to the episode here. 

_This is our BEST EPISODE YET. These two

The Faculty Room

Mike and Matt

This was such a fun episode as I recorded it with Naomi one of my many amazing preservice teachers! Listen to it here. 


Teaching Tales

Brent Coley

Brent and I talk about the importance of investing in teachers before they enter the classroom. Listen to the episode here. 

Teach Better Team

Rae and Brad 

An amazing group of pre-service teachers and I  chat about why they got into teaching, what’s got them excited about the field, and how they hope to impact lives. Listen to the episode here.

Teachers Need Teachers

Kim Lepre

Preservice teachers have a unique task of cramming as much information and experience on pedagogy, classroom management, educational technology, and much more.  Join me as I dive  into the core essentials  inspire and guide hopeful educators. Listen to the episode here. 

The Teacher's Journey

Brian Costello

I discuss my experiences transitioning to higher education as a teacher of teachers and about my new book Edumagic! Listen to the episode here. 

Joanna Bull

Listen to the episode here. Topics covered in this episode include: 

  • Why teachers need social media 

  • Understanding how to shape and control your digital presence

  • Assignments so we understand where we are online and what to do if we don’t like what we find

  • Why it’s important to be a connected educator

  • What type of content to post and where

  • How to build a Twitter PLN

  • Finding and using hashtags 

  • Optimizing your social  media pages

  • Tools you can use for social media 

  • How to show up on social media when you feel like you have nothing to say

  • How to show up on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook   

Tweet and Talk

Sarah Thomas and Irene Ball

Join in our discussion about how we can help to prepare future educators with some Edumagic. Listen to the episode here. 

Tweet and Talk

Sarah Thomas

Learn all about the ins and out of EduMagic and how it came to be. This book is THE book for future teachers. 

Listen to the episode here. 


Noa Daniels

Listen to this episode to learn more about how this paired experience helps those in the faculty of education have a chance to connect, collaborate, and participate in an authentic, purposeful and meaningful learning experiences with teachers in the field using edtech to bridge distances and help both learn. Listen to the episode here.


Erin Gibin

During this episode, Erin and I chat about what it takes to put an episode of EduMagic podcast out into the world. We discuss the need for a podcast just for preservice teachers and more! Listen to it here

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