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10 Tips for a Teaching Demo Interview

Updated: Mar 13

It's time for another Edumagic podcast episode. In this episode, I share ten actionable tips for preparing for your live teaching demo. We also cover several tips for before, during, and after your demo lesson. Typically, this part of the interview process occurs during the second or third round, so it is good to prepare ahead of time.

In this episode, you'll learn:

Tips to prepare for your demo lesson

Take note of everything the administrative assistant shares about the demo lesson. If you don't get much information, ask questions about:

  • Approximately how many students are in the class?

  • What grade level are you teaching?

  • What is the course topic/content? Is it new content, or is it a review?

  • What types of edtech tools are available to students?

  • When will the teaching demo be held? Write down the time/date/location of your teaching demo.

  • What is the duration of your teaching demo?

  • What accommodations/modifications will be needed?

  • Practice your lesson content, pacing, and activities.

Tips for during the demo less

  • Ensure your lesson has a clear introduction, content delivery, and conclusion.

  • Include a closing statement and an exit ticket.

  • Provide the interview team with a detailed lesson plan.

  • Develop rapport with the students as they enter the classroom.

Tips for after the demo lesson

  • Breathe

  • Reflect on your teaching. Did students understand the objectives? How do you know?

  • Show up for yourself and your students.

  • Always be professional throughout your interview process.

  • Be sure to thank your interviewers through a thank you note.

Resources mentioned

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