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3 free EdTech tools you need to use now!

Updated: Mar 5

Hi friends, I will share with you three free formative assessment tools for you to use in your classroom immediately! This post was inspired by a presentation that Jordyn Pistilli and I did during last year's conference. We recently presented this content again for preservice teachers during a technology of instruction class. So, let's jump in!

Jordyn presenting about Kahoot during edtech class.
Jordyn presenting about Kahoot during edtech class.

Alright, some quick facts about formative assessment (FA)

  • Used to measure background knowledge

  • Used during learning to check for understanding

    • Guides teachers in preparation and planning for a lesson

  • Formative assessments help “form” how a teacher will tackle a lesson

  • Focus is placed on learning, not the letter grade or point value.

  • All about checking where your students are at during that moment.

    • Many ways to use FAs with or without technology (Example: Think/Pair/Share: How do you currently incorporate formative assessment in your classroom?)

  • FREE tech tools are available

    • Time savers - grading, creating formative assessments, saving precious minutes in the classroom


Kahoot is a game-based formative assessment tool with a hint of competition embedded within it. Some students benefit from the sense of competition, pushing them to get involved. But, for some students, this is a negative aspect because they only care about the results of the competition and not the learning. Create a free account and check out the library of questions in various subject areas and grade levels. This is a great resource to get those creative juices flowing. Get started with Kahoot - Click here to access a PDF to learn all about how to get started with Kahoot from setting up your first game to sharing it with your students all you need is right here.


Quizalize is an FA that allows you to compete against another team or the computer. There are lots of variety w/ pictures, explanations (helps clarify questions quickly and efficiently) and the teacher controls the quiz because of time limits. There is also an option to check out the marketplace for quizzes. Public quizzes save time, can be used as starting point. Get familiar with Quizalize here.


Flipgrid is a fantastic FREE formative assessment tool. With flipgrid, you can create different grids for subject area or grade level. What is different about this tool is that it offers your students an opportunity to respond with video! It allow for more in depth responses and is a great tool to use in your classroom. Learn more about how to get started with flipgrid here.

But that's not all my friends! Head to the freebies page and find a PDF with ten additional formative assessment tools today!

What are your go to formative assessment tools? Comment below! I want to learn from you!

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