Add Some Sprinkles to your content with Canva

As professors, we sometimes get hung up on templates provided by Google and PowerPoint. We all know that it can get a little boring seeing the same slide template repeatedly. Yes, these programs are great for presenting content, but we have to get out of our rut! To add some spice to your content delivery, we’re showing you a few ways to break out of the boring. First, all the design work is done for you when you use the tools listed below–all you have to do is provide the content! Often, we try to pack too much information onto a slide or write too many words on a line, but these tools help us create presentations with design in mind. It is important to note that most of the tools listed below are free, but some options are paid.

We’d like to focus on one of our favorite tools – Canva. Create anything with Canva, an easy-to-use graphic design site. Canva allows you to present live to your students and they can use the chat function. We especially love the other designs available in Canva such as:

  • Infographics

  • Posters

  • Social media posts

  • Videos

  • Brainstorm templates

  • Collaborative whiteboards

Besides being great for educators to present content, Canva is a fun site for students to show what they know differently. Instead of writing a one-page reflection paper, students can create an infographic based on the specific content found in the article. You can use one of the infographic kits (like in the first two images) or you can select a template and adjust it to reflect your specific topic (like in the third image).

Canva also offers a section of templates specifically geared towards educators. Their Education section offers worksheets, lesson plans, schedules, certificates, classroom decor kits, Zoom backgrounds, LMS themes, schedules, worksheets and so much more. You can search by popular themes–like lesson plans or worksheets designed for university students or templates focused on specific holidays or events–or you can search by style of template.

One of our favorite features is that Canva and Wizer combined their superpowers, allowing you to create beautifully designed worksheets in Canva and make them interactive using Wizer–saving you teacher time! You can also use Canva Edu to assign your class projects they can use Canva to complete or you can host a live session with students. With Canva Live, you can present the slides of a presentation via screen share and students can participate in a chat feature alongside the presentation.

In addition to their many templates, Canva also hosts courses, tutorials, and a blog where you can give your design skills a jumpstart for free. Just check out their YouTube channel or Instagram to get those creative ideas flowing! Next time you search through templates in PowerPoint or Google, consider trying Canva instead!

Visit Canva’s blog for educators.

For more info on Canva’s resources for educators, check out this presentation.

*This post was originally on the Flourishing Academic blog

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