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All things Alternative Education with Alexis Arias

Welcome to episode 197 of the EduMagic Podcast. Alexis Arias shares with me the ins and outs of alternative education and everything you need to know to get started in an alternative education classroom. During this episode, Alexis Arias shares her teaching story and what brought her into education. We answer the questions:

  • What is an alternative education placement?

  • Why should future teachers know about alt ed?

  • What are some common misconceptions about alt ed?

What is alternative education?

Alexis defines alternative education (alt ed) as a system of education designed to support students whose needs are unmet or underserved within traditional school systems. These can be educational sites, run at home, or district offices. In alternative education, they modify the school hours, schedule, class capacity, and classroom.

Why should future teachers know about alt ed?

It opens up your world as a future teacher. It gives you opportunities to learn more about this placement option. Alexis urges you as a future teacher to teach at a traditional site first, then go into alternative education. This is important because you need to have a perspective to see what students are working through before moving to alternative education. If you can, during student teaching or field teaching, if you can observe an alternative education placement or site - go for it!

Common misconceptions about alt ed

We know that there are common negative misconceptions about alternative education. In this episode, Alexis dispels several myths that go along with alternative education.

  • Myth - Students are there because they are troubled.

  • Truth - Students are capable.

  • Myth - Teachers in alt ed are angels and have bad days.

  • Truth - Just like all teachers, we have good and bad days.

  • Myth - Teachers do alt ed who are retiring soon or have it easy.

  • Truth - It's not easy. Teachers of all backgrounds and experiences bring it to their students daily.

Connect with Alexis Arias

You can connect with Alexis Arias on Instagram. On Instagram, Alexis shares "reflections from the perspective of an Alternative Education teacher working to break through myths and share truths about our students and schools."

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