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Augmented reality in education

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

If you stopped by my class today you would have experienced the solar system in the palm of your hand, held the world in the palms of your hands, had a fire a glow in the classroom, felt a heart beating, and made molecules! You may have heard students exclaim, "This is so cool," or "Wow." or "That's so awesome!" . You would have observed students working in groups, collaborating, communicating and creating. 

If you haven't guess it, today we explored Augmented reality apps for the classroom. You can find the link to the presentation here . During class we explored several apps and discussed how we can use them in our classrooms including: Merge Cube, Anatomy 4D, Chromville, Happy Atoms, and Quiver. I chose these apps because they can work with a variety of grade levels and subject areas, along with support the curriculum.

Preservice teachers came up with ideas to use these apps in their classroom to support their lesson or curriculum topics. For example, using the Chromville app during a morning meeting with young learners to talk about the weather and how to dress for the seasons.  Another example, to  learn about body parts you can use Daqri's Anatomy 4D with older students and with the younger students you can use the Merge cube Mr. Body app. 

Although we had a lot of fun during our station rotation in class we learned about how augmented reality can be used to enhance our curriculum, engage our students and help them learn in a more hands on approach. 

*Thank you to my amazing students who took great pictures*

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