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Creating megapixels: A conversation with Dana Ewing

Hello EduMagicians,

I have my hot cup of tea and I am so excited to share with you Dana Ewing an amazing EduMagician.

Bitmoji with coffee
Bitmoji with coffee

Tell me about your teaching story or journey into teaching and education.

I always wanted to a be a teacher. As a kid I played school. Early in my high school and middle school years I taught vacation bible school. I also joined my preschool teaching program in high school.

Let’s learn more about why you want to be an educator of excellence.
Dana Ewing during digital portfolio presentation.
Dana Ewing during digital portfolio presentation.

One of my most identifiable traits has always been my empathy and compassion for others. I truly long for every child to understand his/her worth. This understanding starts in a classroom, where children are taught to think for themselves and can establish their values and beliefs based on their wisdom. If I can provide each student with an enriching learning experience, then I increase their chances of wanting to expand their learning and change the world.

What is your favorite educational quote and why? Who said it? How do you apply it to your teaching and learning?

“The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves” ― Joseph Campbell. This quote speaks to me because:

  • Teaching involves so much more than relaying information

  • Giving them space to creatively explore

Share a favorite teaching moment.

Learning how to cater lessons to my students using their interests. Dana shares ways that she customized lessons for students based on their interests using reading and favorite animals!

I would like to highlight your work in the area of EduMagic of your choice. Please choose one or two from one of the areas of EduMagic you would like to focus on during this episode.

M: Megapixels - learn about how to take those ordinary lessons and sprinkle some magical pixie dust on them.

I have always been the type of student who wants to reach above/beyond in my assignments, so naturally, I think episodic lessons are so important. She shares some great ways that she added megapixels to her preschool lessons

C: Co-ops gone virtual

My co-op, Missy Halcott, and I made a great team! We loved working with each other. She is a middle school tech coach. At first, I was a little intimidated by her impressive knowledge of a lot of technology that I was just beginning to discover. However, this experience taught me so much about how teachers are still learners.

To learn more about the virtual co-op program please check out this post.

What is the best advice about teaching you received and how did you incorporate it into your teaching?
Dana Ewing and colleagues at ECET 2 Conversation
Dana Ewing and colleagues at ECET 2 Conversation

Kristen Nan ran a seminar at ECET2: Next Gen, where she advised us to take a walk in our students’ shoes. See them as individuals with unique passions and needs so that we can craft our lessons based on them rather than our own interests. To learn more about ECET 2 check out this blog post written by Dr. Sam Fecich.

Fast Five

1. Who do you recommend preservice teachers to follow on Twitter or Instagram and why?

2. What is one tech tool that you can’t wait to use in your next field, student teaching, or in your classroom?

Sway - Create dynamic information insert links, text, images, headings, and showcase information in a new way! Share it and collaborate too!

3. What song gets you pumped to teach?

I feel comfortable to give my best effort and trust that my teaching will leave an impact. Therefore, I always listen to the song, “Highs and Lows” by Hillsong Young & Free.

4. Favorite teaching accessory – what is one item that you can’t teach without?

Colored pens! I am a visual learner, so color-coding things emphasizes different aspects of a text and allows me to categorize information in my mind. My pens keep me organized.

5. What are you currently binging on Netflix or Hulu?

I am on season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy and season 3 of This is Us. Sometimes you just need those shows that provide an emotional release, and both of these series certainly prompt my tears.

Connect with Dana!

Dana Ewing at an observation
Dana Ewing at an observation

Find Dana on Twitter: @miss_ewing_edu or Instagram @miss_ewing_edu. You may also check out her site!

Remember friends, you have the EduMagic in YOU!

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