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EdTech for Classroom Environment

Updated: Mar 5

I will be sharing educational technology tools across the Danielson domains – that is, This list is a curated list from preservice teachers at Grove City College. Each group was assigned a specific Danielson domain, and they identified a tech tool that fits into the Domain to justify why it’s a good fit for the specific Domain. Let’s dive in – here we go!

Domain 2 is about having a classroom of respect and rapport between students, students, and teachers. It is a space that values learning, education, and a growth mindset. It is a space where students feel safe to think creatively, problem-solve, and collaborate. Another aspect of this Domain is monitoring the students’ behaviors and having the classroom procedures on lock. As a first-year teacher, these tasks can be daunting, but with the help of some educational technology, you can hone these skills and get them on point.

Class tools is an EdTech treasure trove from QR code creator and random name picker to Fakebook and fake Twitter. The tools on can help engage students in a classroom environment that helps them thrive and do their best.

Music stations on your favorite streaming music platform

Music can help to set the stage to engage. Teachers can create a collaborative playlist that can help focus, engage, motivate, and calm students. When teaching an 8:00 AM class having a playlist is crucial to set the stage and pump up students.

Poster my wall and Canva

Don’t buy a motivational poster – make your own, or better yet, have your students make them! Use canva, Adobe Spark, or a poster on my wall to create custom posters for your classroom. It will make your classroom colorful and exciting. Bonus! Students will love seeing their work displayed in the classroom.

Classroom screen

I found a classroom screen one day last spring while searching for classroom management tools. I suggest this tool for student teachers doing stations because of the timer feature. But there is so much more – random name picker, stoplight, work symbols, text, and sound level monitoring, to name a few!

What tools do you use to create an inviting and welcoming classroom for your students?

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