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EduMagic Planner- The planner for future teachers

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Hello EduMagicians,

Today I have the co-creator of the EduMagic Planner, Hannah Sansom, on the podcast. Join us as we share the EduMagic Planner - the planner for education majors and our future teacher friends! We know that this planner will help guide you during your journey to becoming an educator of excellence. 

Goals of the planner
  • So many things to do during each year of your educational journey. We have spaces for you to reflect on the year, resources for your year, and areas to consider during this part of your educational journey.

  • Help to prepare you for each year of your education life

  • Resources specifically for the education major - things to do each year and stay organized.

  • Work through your daily and weekly to-dos.

  • Keep your meetings, class times, accomplishments, goals, and tasks - organized all in one space

💡Make the magic happen tip: When you get your syllabi from your courses, mark them in the trackers - track your progress, due dates, assignments, and grades! You may want to color-code your class due dates and assignments.

The planner for #futureteachers. It goes with EduMagic a guide for preservice teachers like ☕ and 🍩! Buy it here.

Some other features include:
  • spaces for reflection

  • observation and field log

  • write out your weekly tasks

  • student teacher log and 13 weekly reflection prompts

  • yearly checklist and resources just for education majors

  • course schedule

  • course reflection prompts at the end of each semester to track your growth

  • goal setting to reflect, learn and grow

  • accomplishment trackers

  • assignment and grade tracker

  • observation logs

  • student teaching logs and weekly reflections

  • speaker notes

Get the digital download on the EduMatch site here.

You can download the planner to print or edit in the PDF editing application of your choice. We provided you with two files. One is a PDF of the entire planner, all 585 pages of eduawesomeness. The other file includes everything except the daily schedule, making this only 225 pages perfect for printing! 

How can we use this digital download purposefully?
  • Print it at your local office supply store

  • Edit the PDF in your favorite PDF editor software (adobe)

  • Upload it in Google slides to edit in slide format

The planner for #futureteachers. It goes with EduMagic a guide for preservice teachers like ☕ and 🍩! Buy it here.

Do you have the planner? Please share how you are using it with #Edumagicplanner!

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