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Future teachers get organized now with Kelly Jackson

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hello EduMagicians,

Guess who I chatted with today? If you can't tell from the title of today's show, it was Kelly Jackson from The Simply Organized Teacher! During today's episode, Kelly shares her teaching story and how she always wanted to be an educator. She shares her teaching experience in elementary education and how she is now living in Germany, working with teachers in their organized classrooms. Kelly and I chat all about how future teachers can get organized today! Friends, don't wait until student teaching, get started now!

How can preservice teachers get started with organizing
  • Get a box and put your stuff in it (don't worry about organizing it yet)

  • If after your first year you haven't used something, it's ok to get rid of stuff (you have our permission! LOL)

  • Get a binder and section it into content or subjects or thematically and file items away as you go

  • Go through your box and binder each year to add or take stuff to the trash.

  • Go digital - use tools like camscanner or office lens to document materials and resources

  • First-year teachers throw things away that you don't need from the previous teacher! It's OK!

  • Start now collectings bins, baskets, and containers. Everything in your classroom needs a home!

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