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Getting Spooky in Special Education

Hi readers! I want to introduce you to an amazing educator who I met during my time at Grove City College. She is a recent graduate of GCC. Allison Alfonson was a go-getter from the start and I want to share some activities with you that she has done in her special education classroom. Without further ado, ladies and gents Allison!

Hi! My name is Allison Alfonso and I am a first year teacher in a K-1 Multiple Disabilities Classroom! I am a 2018 graduate of Grove City College, where I studied Elementary and Special Education. I am passionate about accessibility, inclusion and urban education.

As a first year teacher, I have had many “firsts” in the past six weeks. Being that I do not have recycled materials from years past, this is my time to be creative!

The first thing I incorporated was a behavior management tool, “The Witch.”

The witch is a small doll that has “magic’ powers. Every night, The Witch will “fly” to another area of the room for the students to find the next day. The students are not allowed to touch The witch or she will lose her magic powers! Also, The witch is always watching for good behavior. The students know that if their behavior is lacking, The Witch might not bring Halloween goodies! So far, The Witch has brought us munchkins for a birthday celebration and a pumpkin!

What are some creative ways you manage your classroom during the holidays? Comment below!

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