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#istesnaps in #edtech

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Welcome back! I wanted to share a neat activity that I did in class the other day with my preservice teachers.  This activity is a cousin to the #booksnaps created by @TaraMartinEDU. If you have not heard of #booksnaps you need to check out her video from ISTE's ignite session in 2017. 

In class we took this idea of #booksnaps and created our own #istesnaps based on the ISTE standards for students and teachers.  During the class period prior to this one students worked in small groups to choose a specific ISTE substandard in either the students or the teachers guidelines. One section of the class were in charge of a substandard for students and they other section were charged with the sub standards for teachers. The students collaborated on a group presentation to identify: what that substandard meant, why it is was important, how they can show it in the classroom, and what tools can be used to enhance the learning experience. Needless to say they came up some great examples and were primed for this activity. 

When we met back for our next class as a warm up activity they created an #istesnap of a substandard of their choice, but it couldn't be a substandard that they worked on. For example, for the group that created the slides for the teacher substandards they had to create an #istesnap about an ISTE substandard for students. So they were able to read and find new ideas from their peers in other sections of the class. 

I posted our #istesnaps below in a Sway document - please check them out! Let us know what you think. This was a nice activity not only to review the ISTE standards, but also to make a visual representation of the information presented. It also reached students where they were at - using snapchat for good!  In addition, to teaching this strategy to preservice teachers they can use something like this with students in their field or student teaching placements. All around this was an engaging and fun activity for my students. I encourage you to give it a try sometime too! Just yesterday we did another riff off of this idea and created some #danielsonsnaps , snaps based on the Danielson framework for teaching. 

Enjoy and happy snapping ! 

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