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Jump on the wordle craze

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The Wordle app has taken the world by storm, so why not use it to engage our students in learning? Let's look at what the word is and how you can use it in the classroom. There are many Wordle options beyond the five-letter word prompt.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an app and a website that hosts a daily word challenge. Each word is only five letters long. You need to guess the correct word within six tries. Each letter that you think of in a word is color-coded. If the letter turns green, then the letter is correct and in the proper placement of the word in the challenge. If the letter is yellow, then the letter is in the word but not in the correct order. If the letter is gray, then that letter does not appear in the daily word challenge.

Wordle Variations

Do you want to play Wordle with your students but put your twist on it? There are so many ways to do it. First, there are templates that you can use.

  • Canva presentation Wordle style. Canva has an excellent Wordle-themed presentation. You can find it by logging into your canva for EDU account and searching Wordle.

  • Slides Mania offers a Wordle template. You can download it for free in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. You can find it here.

Wordle Game variations

  • - you can create five-letter word challenges. Additionally, you can adjust the language to French, Spanish, German, and more.

  • Here's a game that allows you to create many wordle games using multiple words: You need to list vocabulary words or terms, and flippity will handle the rest. Put each word on a separate line and type or copy/paste it into the box. Then click the generate button. A blank wordle screen will appear in a new tab. Your students use the link to guess the words by typing each letter or word.

  • Word. Rodeo is where you can type in one word from 3 to 15 letters. There is also an option to provide hints. This game would be a fun way to learn vocabulary. You can also adjust the number of times a student gets to solve the puzzle. Enter your word and click Go. A shareable link will appear. Students select the letters and click Enter until they solve for the correct word.

  • Byrdle - is an option for music teachers since the words relate to music terms. This game follows the same rules as Wordle.

  • Worldle and Globle and Earthle (app) Guess the country of the day by looking at an outline of the country.

Wordle for the math classroom

  • Times table sequence -use your multiplication knowledge from two to ten to fill in a sequence. You have six guesses to find the correct sequence. Also, you can set the sequence to be easy or hard.

  • Nerdle - - Each tile is a calculation instead of a letter. You can use any number 0-9, a plus or minus sign, multiplication, or a division symbol. Each nerdle must have an equal value. Be sure to keep the order of operations in mind.

  • Ooodle: In this math equation, you are solving for a number in the red box. You can only use one through nine once. You have six guesses to try to come up with the equation. As you work to check the problem, the ooodle will prompt you with the correct answer to your equation. You can even set a timer to make it more challenging.

Ideas for Classroom Use

As I started playing Wordle, the ideas for classroom use began flowing. For example,

  • As students arrive, the bell ringer has a Wordle for them to solve.

  • Create an exit ticket for a vocabulary word.

  • The students can make their own Wordle daily challenges.

  • Wordle to support classroom culture

I used Wordle in my class as a word of the day. As students came in, they clicked on the link and guessed the daily word. They then shared their responses (not the word) in our Team chat. It is a fun way to get their minds ready for the day ahead or focused on a specific concept during the lesson.

What are some of your ideas for Wordle in the classroom? Please share them below.

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