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Learn on the go!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Listen up! We are all home, so let's learn on the go with podcasts! There are so many amazing professional development resources out there for you to indulge your teacher brain in! We are all busy professionals where can we find time to engage in quality resources and learning? That is where professional development on the go comes in! Professional development on the go are resources that you can use while you are on the go. These are some of my go to's when it comes to commuting or traveling. So it makes sense that these tools are ones that you can listen to in your earbuds or in your car. Let’s begin with podcasts.

Podcasts are bite-sized professional development on a variety of strategies, techniques, and best practices in education. There are podcasts out there that can help you reach your students in elementary, engage them during middle school, and help them apply their learning in high school. There are podcasts for edtech coaches, instructional coaches, future teachers, administrators, librarians, and even higher ed professors! Some of the podcasts that I love to listen to include:

So fire up your favorite podcast player (google play, iTunes, Castbox, Overcast, Spotify, or i heart radio - to name a few) and start listening today. Be sure to subscribe to the shows for FREE to get notified when the latest episode drops. By keeping a list of podcasts in rotation your professional development will never be boring - there is always variety, relevant content, and ideas you can implement right away

Next up we have audiobooks. They are another great way to engage in professional development on the go. Many authors have recorded their own books into this format and it allows them to really express themselves in the way it was intended when they wrote it. Some authors even do some adlib in their readings! I personally enjoy listening to the books read in the author’s voice. Some audiobooks that I recommend are:

I challenge you to take professional development into your own hands or ears! By taking control of your professional development you can grow and learn in areas that will you become an educator of excellence. Check out these recommendations and share your own with the community.

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