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New Teachers - help is here!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


Erin Hall is a fourth-year English teacher who is rockin' it during her career. She shares her teaching story and all about the Young Educator Society of Rhode Island, an organization she founded to support preservice teachers through year ten educators. She began this organization during her second year of teaching. Erin is passionate about supporting new and beginning teachers by providing monthly and accessible professional development and social events. Erin combined the different kinds of support she had during her first and second years of teaching. She supports teachers through the mentorship program and social events, providing face-to-face and virtual connections opportunities.

Erin shares about being a connected educator through Instagram and Twitter. In addition, she discusses the importance of being a leader and finding your strengths. Erin suggests the Clifton Strengths Finder test.

How can you lead from the middle?

Erin shared a time when she helped her students find their voices. She encourages all teachers to help their students find their voices and be their cheerleaders. If sharing in a large group is not your jam, share what you do in the classroom on social media. Also, consider getting involved in committees and hopping on board.

Favorite teaching moment from college years

Erin combines her love for art and cross-curricular lessons with the trial scenes from "To Kill a Mockingbird." Have students show mastery based on student preference, choice, and voice in the classroom—Erin shares how she combines other classes with new and innovative lessons.

How to take a risk in student teaching

She advises student teachers if they want to step out during student teaching and try something new.

  • Be honest

  • Set expectations

  • Be respectful

  • Have early dialogue and share your goals for student teaching

YES RI Professional Development

Do you want to learn more about the professional development opportunities presented by the Young Educators Society? Click here to register for the webinar on how teachers can lead with teachers and students. Get ready to dare to lead with YES, RI! This webinar is accessible to all educators from December 2nd - December 31st.

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EduMagic YES RI

Bonus! Check out my conversation with Erin Hall as she interviews me and learn more about the story behind EduMagic!

Remember, you have the EduMagic in YOU!
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