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Recap of Educators Rising Conference: Inspiring Future Teachers

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Join Dr. Sam Fecich in this exciting episode of the EduMagic Podcast as she recaps her experience at the Educators Rising Conference! From passionate future teachers to innovative EdTech tools, discover the highlights and key takeaways from this incredible event. Dr. Fecich shares her interactive booth activities, heartwarming reasons why attendees chose teaching, and engaging presentations like "AI Without the Overwhelm."

Recap of the Educators Rising Conference

Hello, Edumagicians! Welcome back to another exciting post on the EduMagic Blog. I'm Dr. Sam Fecich, and I am thrilled to share my experience at the Educators Rising Conference. This event was an incredible gathering of future educators, all passionate about teaching, learning, and growing.

Celebrating Excellence and Inspiration at the Conference

First, a huge shout out to all the competitors who brought their A-game. Your dedication and enthusiasm were truly inspiring. The judges had a tough job choosing among so many talented participants. Congratulations to all the winners, runners-up, and everyone who participated. You all are amazing!

I had the privilege of being an exhibitor at the conference for the second time. Our booth was a hub of activity, adorned with new banners and fairy lights. Attendees were invited to share why they wanted to be teachers or why they love teaching on little postcards, which we then hung on our sign. By the end of the conference, we had over 200 inspiring reasons displayed. If you're looking for some teacher inspiration, check out my Instagram at @SFecich. I also had the chance to connect with many fantastic sponsors and share our shiny podcast stickers, books, and speaking opportunities.

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Empowering Educators with EdTech and AI: Strategies and Insights

One of my most popular talks is "EdTech Without the Overwhelm," where we explore EdTech tools through the Danielson Framework for Teaching. This approach helps educators integrate technology meaningfully into their teaching practice.

Another favorite is "AI and UDL," where we examine artificial intelligence tools through the CAST UDL framework. And at the Educators Rising Conference, I presented "AI Without the Overwhelm." This talk was a fun, last-minute change inspired by a s'mores analogy. We discussed AI tools (our chocolate) framed by the Danielson Framework (our marshmallow) and the benefits and considerations of using AI in education (our graham crackers).

We explored tools like EduAid, Magic School, DiffIt, and School AI, highlighting their features and how they align with the Danielson Framework. These tools can save teachers time, provide differentiation, and enhance student engagement. However, it's important to remember that AI tools are starting points, not the final answer. They don't know your students like you do.

A fun addition to the talk was our s'mores-themed snack bags for each participant, filled with Teddy Grahams and various chocolates. Though we skipped the marshmallows, it added a sweet touch to our summer-themed presentation.

If you're interested in having me speak with your chapter, class, or educational group, please reach out. I'd love to share these insights with your community. Have a fantastic week, and remember, you've got the EduMagic!

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