Teaching social studies online featuring Brittney Caldwell, MAT

During today's episode of the EduMagic podcast - the podcast for future teachers I bring in Brittney Caldwell. We met during a webinar held by Kappa Delta Pi called teaching during COVID. We have a discussion about online resources, best practices for teaching social studies online, and the importance of caring for your student's mental health. Listen in and share your takeaways with #edumagic.

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Featured guest: Brittney Caldwell

Brittney shares how the internet should help your lessons not harm your lessons. We discuss the affordances when it comes to teaching online and how teaching online does take more prep than usual. We share the benefits and affordances of teaching students online. The internet is a vast resource for us to use in the classroom and here are the resources that Brittney mentioned in the show:

  • Google Arts and culture - visit museums online, see famous works of art, play with augmented reality experiences, and explore international museums for free right from your browser or the app.

  • Library of congress - Get up close and personal with primary resources!

  • Nearpod - Engage students in learning and formative assessment. Get 30 days of Nearpod Gold with code EDUMAGIC.

  • Kahoot - Assess students with fun activities.

  • Active classroom - Teach lessons, sort by content, and subject area. Arrange activities and guide students in learning.

  • AP Classroom - Teaching tools for the AP college exams. Make college board easier for your students on this site.

Our interview finishes up with the importance of checking in with our students about mental health and teaching in the online space. Showing that you care is important and great for your students learning online. Be there for your students. Connect and learn alongside them.

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