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The inside scoop into getting a teaching job...

Updated: Mar 5

If you are like me, you enjoy reading articles about the latest educational technology trends, strategies for classroom management, resume writing tips, how to nail your cover letter, and more! This is resource that I make sure I get each year to keep fresh and provide my preservice teachers with the most up to date information. Do you want to know where I get some of those resources?

It isn't a secret, but did you know that you can get the inside scoop on getting a job in the teaching field by reading the Job Search Handbook for Educators by the American Association for Employment in Education (AAEE)? You can buy a copy of the handbook here. The Job Search Handbook is" a manual for preservice educators, recent graduates, and others interested in PK-12 teaching careers. Each edition contains dozens of helpful articles like the one below to inspire, encourage, and advise those on journeys to find a job. "

For example, I use the articles in this handbook every year to inform preservice teachers about the job search process. Specifically, I use articles related to the importance of digital presence just so they can see the relevance of having a strong, professional presence online.

In a presentation (linked below) I created with a colleague of mine (former student Hannah Turk) for a local conference, we discussed the statistics in the job search handbook. The statistics we found were regarding administrators' use of social media (slides 6-8). By using these statistics, I could show with more power (as Tim the Tool man would say in Home Improvement) the importance of being a connected preservice educator.

Another of my favorite elements of the handbook is that you get real, tangible advice you can apply right now! You don't have to wait, the steps that are provided in the articles and they are easy to follow. For example, in the sample article, From Student to Teacher: The first year transition, written by Raquel English, she shares real advice about moving from a preservice educator to a new, first year teacher. She gives tips about staying organized and focused on only the first few weeks. But my favorite piece of advice is to ask questions! It is so true. You don't know what you don't know. So, ask! Ask often and ask different people. As a new teacher you can't know everything nor should you be expected to - so ask questions. You never know, unless you ask right? So, you may be asking...

That's great stuff Sam, but how can I contribute?

I am so glad that you asked! This resource provides articles for preservice teachers and new educators, and preservice educators even write some articles! This is a great way to get your name and message to the teaching community! For example, two former students wrote about the importance of a digital portfolio and how to create one using free web tools. Another former preservice teacher and I co-wrote an article about classroom management ed tech tools. So, if you have an idea - submit a proposal it's as easy as 1,2,3! Click here for more details.

I hope you take some time to check out the sample articles provided in AAEE's job search handbook or order your copy today (digital or paperback). It is a resource that you will be turning to repeatedly.

Happy reading!

Remember, you have the EduMagic in YOU!

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