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Wonderful Wakelet

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Hey! I am excited to share a collaboration, connection, creation, and curation tool. Are you looking for an edtech tool that you can use to curate all your content and teacher finds? Maybe you are looking for something to keep all your favorite websites in one place. Perhaps you want your students to create content and show what they know in different ways. Well, friends, wakelet will not disappoint. It is a one-stop tool to create, connect, and curate resources! So, let's jump right in!

What is wakelet?

Wakelet is a tool that you access for free by creating an account at Once you have a free account, explore the library of already created wakelet collections or create your own! Please check out some of my wakelet collections!

· Teacher self-care

· Student-teacher tips

Let's talk about how to create one of your own. Before you get started, think of the purpose of your wakelet.

· Will you be using it to collect content or curate materials?

· Will you be creating something for your students to interact with?

· Will you be having students create something in wakelet?

Once you have your purpose behind using wakelet, let's start on a new wakelet. First, on your dashboard, select Create a new collection (it's right by the big green plus sign). You will want to give your wakelet collection a title, description, and picture. From there, you can start adding content to your wakelet. You can add several types of content, such as:

· Links to websites

· Text

· Videos from YouTube

· Tweets

· Bookmarked content from wakelet

· Images (upload your own or find copyright-free images)


· Link content from google drive or drive

· Flipgrid videos!

Once we create our wakelet collection, we can get fancy with it. We can collaborate and allow our colleagues to add content to a wakelet collection. You can add a background image to your wakelet and share your collection so others can copy it and collaborate! Alright, so we have our wakelet created. Now we can share it! Like other tools, there are several sharing settings: private, unlisted (only people without the link can view it), and public means anyone can see your wakelet collection. You can even push the wakelet out as a link or pdf or embed it into your website. Next, you can share it with social media, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and more!

Wakelet can be used for many activities and assignments in your traditional, hybrid, or virtual learning space. For example, you can create a wakelet instead of a presentation or as a resource for an assignment.

I have used wakelet as a resource with readings, links, and videos to specific types of content for my students to interact with for a specific assignment. I also love that flipgrid integrates right into wakelet, allowing my students to engage with the content in one spot. But, friends, I would have to say that my favorite part of wakelet is that it has an immersive reader, which makes the content on your wakelet accessible for students.

I love using wakelet as an assignment for students to do. For example, I usually shared about special education law and court cases during my introduction to a particular education class. However, that class session was relatively dry. So, to spice it up, I decided to have my students create the content for the session! I provided them with resources and links and assigned them a court case to review. They collaborated on a wakelet and created a collection about their court case, including a description, a video, a link to additional information, and how it impacted special education. Learning from each other and a new tech tool was so much fun for students.

So there is no time like the present. Start creating with wakelet today!

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