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10 Tips For Emerging Teachers featuring Lindsay Simpson

Updated: Jun 10, 2022


Today's episode is a cross-over episode with Lindsay Simpson from Behind The Chalk. During this episode, we share ten tips for emerging teachers! Our conversation is full of laughs, smiles, and fantastic advice. Let's jump right into this episode!

Relationships first and foremost.

  • Students

  • Colleagues

  • Admins

  • Cooperating teachers

  • Profs

  • Professionals in the building

Set your expectations

  • We all have expectations of what we envision for our first job and classroom.

  • However, as life teaches us, those expectations do not always hold. And guess what?! That's ok!

  • Things work themselves out, and you will look back and realize those expectations that didn't hold were great learning experiences.

Disappointments happen

  • Own your mistakes.

  • Reflection is your most effective resource to bounce back from a disappointing experience and remember those #edumagic moments!

  • Use a planner, lesson plans, a notebook, etc. Write it down - improvements for next time and document the positives.

  • I am an advocate of having a professional learning network. Having a PLN has genuinely helped me become the professor I am today.

  • I can connect with educators worldwide to find specific strategies and tools they're using with their students in real classrooms.

You are unstoppable

  • Being an educator, you feel as though you have to carry your students' baggage.

  • These are the situations that college can't prepare you for and catch you off guard.

  • Giving a child a glimpse of hope may be just enough to help them get to the end of the tunnel.

  • Just because you have a degree or a diploma doesn't mean learning has stopped.

  • Personal and professional growth is essential for becoming an educator of excellence.

Remember your Why

  • Some days are more complex than others, and you may question why you decided to teach on those days.

  • These days, holding tight to your people, your words, and your inspiration is imperative.

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