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Dr. Sam is an accomplished author, dynamic podcast host, and Associate Professor of education who brings knowledge and enthusiasm to teaching. She is passionate about innovative teaching practices in the digital age. Dr. Fecich began her journey in education in the classroom, where she immersed herself in the worlds of educational technology and special education.

Through her work, Dr. Samantha Fecich is shaping the future of education by equipping educators with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in the digital age. She is committed to supporting new teachers on their journey to success, as evidenced by her role as the Edumagic New Educator podcast host and the author of four books tailored to new teachers. Her influence and expertise make her a true champion of innovation in education.

Whether you prefer a lively webinar, interactive workshop, or inspiring keynote, Dr. Sam has you covered with hands-on practical tips that you can immediately implement in your classroom. 

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​"I absolutely love her. She is amazing and I really wish I had her as a professor.  I  learned so much from her and all of the content she shared was beneficial and I cannot wait to jump in and explore new

Lasting  an hour, the information that Dr. Sam provided will stick with us future teachers for a long time and will help us now as we prepare to enter the teaching world of our own.

Valuable, relevant information for the 21st century educator.

She added so much personality and fun to a presentation on AI! I left this event feeling more relieved about the pressures of teaching and teacher burnout knowing that numerous resources are available for me to use!

 Amazing  I feel more knowledgeable about the information presented!

This presentation was very well put together! I really liked learning about all of the different types of AI tools. Thank you!

She is so knowledgeable about everything she talked about, and I think it is great that she takes the time to help educate other teachers and future teachers on these things!

Dr. Sam was open, welcoming, and a friendly face to all that attended. She allowed students to interact with the presentation and even gave them the reigns at one point to decide what topic they were hoping to learn more about.  

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