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20 + Google tools that will want to know about this school year

Guest Post: Mike Bertoni

Hi friends,

I want you to meet Mike Bertoni, he is a tech guru and a great friend. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike last summer during KTI and we connected instantly through our love of educational technology, teaching, and chocolate peanut butter pie! In this post, Mike shares some great Google extensions and add-ons that can make your life easier. I encourage you to check them out!

Teachers, are you looking to increase your productivity, better engage your class, and provide opportunities for student creation? Then use some of Google extensions and add-ons listed below! These simple to use and FREE tools are a great addition to any content area and can be utilized in numerous grade levels. When creating this list, I tried to include extensions and add-ons that have not been extensively covered by other educators and that I have personally used during my 10 years of teaching in an elementary school. To make things a little easier to digest, the tools are broken into categories and each includes a short description. Enjoy!

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