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3 Edtech tools to get to know this summer to get you ready for fall

Updated: Mar 5

Hello, edumagicians. Welcome back to another episode of the EduMagic Podcast! Today, I have a short and sweet episode for you. You can get to know these three tools this summer to hit the ground running this fall! Whether you are student teaching or getting ready for another semester, this short and sweet episode will prepare you with some edtech tools in your teacher tool belt. Here are some Fecich favorites:

Google Keep

  • Syncs across all of your devices using your Gmail account.

  • Save websites

  • Document messages (text and audio with the app )

  • Add in Pictures

  • Save Drawings

  • Collaborate on a note with a peer or colleagues

  • Color coding options

  • Checkboxes

  • Due dates

Microsoft TO do

  • Create lists with tasks

  • Assign lists to people

  • Flag emails become tasks in your

  • Add steps to complete tasks

  • Due dates

  • Add files

  • Print lists and pin them to the app

  • Across platform

  • Daily views

Remember future teachers you have the EduMagic in YOU!
Office Lens

EduMagic Planner

So, we know there are student and teacher planners, but not a major education planner. Hannah Sansom and I have been working hard to create this for you! We combined teaching and being a student into one easy-to-use planner. We combined organization and time management through monthly, weekly, and daily calendars. We also included goal-setting and reflection areas along with resources to guide you through your teaching journey.

This planner combines the world of being a college student and an aspiring educator.

Some features that make this planner unique:

  • Yearly checklist and resources just for education majors

  • Course Schedule

  • Assignment tracker - document assignments for each class, when they are due, and your grade for each assignment.

  • Observation log

  • Student teaching log

  • Student teaching weekly prompts to reflect upon

  • Speaker notes for guest lectures or professional development opportunities

New teachers let your EduMagic shine!

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