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3 Student Teaching Mistakes

Hi EduMagicians,

Today I'm sharing three mistakes you don't want to make during student teaching. Student teaching is challenging, but you can do this. Here are three mistakes you don't want to make during your student teaching:

You are only sitting in the back of the classroom.

It's OK if your desk is in the back of the classroom, but don't stay there the whole time during your first day of student teaching. Get involved with students from day one! That can be in small ways, like greeting them at the door or passing out papers. That being said, you want to observe procedures and routines in the classroom. Be sure you understand the routines of your students. While you are observing, have a clear understanding of the processes in the classroom.

You are not setting clear expectations for yourself.

Reflect on the expectations you have for yourself as a student teacher in the placement. What are some areas you want to show growth? Document it! You will grow so much during student teaching, so reflect on your growth each day, weekly, and month. In addition to tracking your growth, also jot down your glows! Be purposeful and personal in your reflection after reflecting on your expectations for yourself but be sure to share your expectations for yourself with your co-op. Also, ask your co-op what their expectations are for you. Ask for specific feedback from your co-op.

You are not asking questions.

Be curious and learn from the experiences of your co-op. Genuinely ask questions that you wonder about to your co-op. You might want to keep a list of questions to ask your co-op during reflection time with your co-op.

Friends, you got this! You have the EduMagic in you!

Student teaching resources you may want to grab!

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