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5 Things Most Teacher Candidates Do Wrong When Setting Up Their Digital Portfolio

Updated: Mar 5

During this episode, I share my AAEE webinar in podcast format! This episode is brought to you by my new self-paced mini-workshop! This self-paced, hands-on, virtual mini-workshop is all about getting your digital portfolio up and running in one week or less! Start creating your digital portfolio today!

Don't wait another semester, click here to get started on your digital portfolio NOW.

Let's explore five common mistakes made on digital portfolios and how to fix them. We explored how to set up your digital portfolio, a plan to keep it updated and organize it for a teaching interview.

Get a copy of the AAEE presentation here.

Here are some highlights from today's episode!

  • Why do you need a digital portfolio - start with the why!

  • What is it?

  • How to set it up - so many edtech tools and how to get started.

  • Five must-have pages on your digital portfolio!

  • Don't make these five mistakes - Resume page with personal info, too much info, put in ALL the things, tell me more…NOT!, pics of kids, and broken links

  • Digital portfolio mindset - it's never too early to get started.

  • Plan to keep it updated and often reflect on the past semester.

  • Organize with simplicity in mind for the teaching interview

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