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Always be a lead learner with Dr. Jess Redcay

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Day two of #teacherappreciation week and today I have with me, Dr. Jessie Redcay. Jessie is a Second Grade Teacher, Adjunct Professor, Presenter, Author, EdTech Enthusiast, KTI Lead Learner. You can learn more about Jessica at She is an amazing friend and colleague I am honored to showcase her voice on the show.

What got you started on your educational journey?

Jess always knew that she wanted to be an educator because she aspired to be like the educators around her. Jess has wanted to impact students since day one and she is doing that each day through teaching second graders all the way through aspiring educators! She wants to impact all students that enter her classroom.

She has approached every learning opportunity with the mindset of:

  • How can I bring this back to my students?

  • How can I impact my students by learning this new skill?

  • She knows that she won't always have the answers but she can ask questions and learn from others.

The Keystone Tech Innovator Summit has had a huge impact on her learning journey. Jess was selected to participate in the KTI summit in 2016. She was surrounded by other educational leaders and inspirational teachers. She attended sessions and learned as much as she could. She felt so invested in as a teacher and after the conference, she wanted to give back to others. Our purpose as a teacher is to give back.

Jess teaches second-grade teacher and preservice teachers about creativity and STEM. She is also an ambassador for Robokind and is head of the girls learn to code club at her district. She goes onto share the importance of learning about coding and how you can use that teaching strategy in your own classroom.

Resources for coding

Coding helps students to create, produce, not just consume content. It helps students ask questions and think through the design process, failing forward, and you can create something that you first conceptualized in your mind.

Advice for freshmen and sophomores
  • Make the most of each learning opportunity that you have

  • Learn as much as you can

  • Develop your own professional framework - philosophy, pedagogy, methods, etc. How will what you are learning in your coursework impact your future classroom?

  • Application - understand the theory behind the pedagogy is critical.

  • Stretch yourself as an educator and step out of your comfort zone

  • If you can dream - it is a possibility. Then put the hard work in to make those dreams become a reality.

What is your "what if" statement? - Share it on social media with #EduMagic and tag me and Jess!

Advice for student teachers
  • Synthesize your experience

  • Make a plan

  • See if you can observe some other teachers in the classroom to connect and keep learning.

Connect with Jessie

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