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Balancing Summer Fun and School Prep

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Hey there, edumagicians! Dr. Sam here, bringing you a quick yet impactful episode of the EduMagic Podcast. Today’s topic comes straight from our listener survey conducted back in June. One participant asked, "How do teachers enjoy summer while also preparing for the next school year?" It's a great question, and I’m excited to share some tips and strategies with you.

Navigating Summer and School Prep

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen my reels about the mixed emotions teachers feel walking into Target and seeing back-to-school supplies in July. It’s a reminder that while we still have weeks of summer, the next school year is already creeping up.

As teachers, it's challenging to fully relax without thoughts of work creeping in. I find it hard to focus on family time without thinking about emails, discussion posts, or student progress. However, I've developed some strategies that help me balance relaxation with productivity.

Strategy 1: Dedicated Morning Work Sessions

I’m a morning person. By 2 PM (sometimes even noon), I’m usually done with productive work. So, I block off morning hours for work. Here’s how I do it:

  • Prioritized List: I keep a Word doc with different "buckets" for various tasks—publications, podcast ideas, curriculum development, etc. I color-code tasks by day (e.g., blue for today) and tackle them in order.

  • Eat the Frog: I start with the task I least want to do. Once it’s out of the way, the rest of the list feels manageable.

  • Flexible Time Blocks: You might prefer working in the afternoon or evening. Find what works best for you and stick to it.

Strategy 2: Capture Ideas on the Go

Ideas can strike anytime, and it’s crucial to capture them before they slip away. Here’s what I do:

  • Notebook or Voice Memos: I carry a small notebook or use voice memos on my phone to record ideas. Whether it’s a new podcast topic or a classroom activity, I jot it down or record a memo and save it to my Google Calendar.

Strategy 3: Plan for Tomorrow Today

Before wrapping up my work session, I take a few minutes to plan for the next day:

  • Top Three Tasks: I highlight the top three things I want to focus on tomorrow. This pre-planning helps me start the day with clear objectives and reduces the overwhelm of a long to-do list.

Enjoying Your Summer

By setting aside dedicated work time and planning, you can free up the rest of your day for relaxation and fun. Whether it’s hanging out at the beach, visiting a coffee shop, or spending time with family and friends, you can enjoy your summer without the nagging feeling of unfinished work.

Final Thoughts

Set aside time for work, capture those fleeting ideas, and plan to make the most of your summer while also feeling prepared for the next school year.

Thank you to the listener who asked this fantastic question. Keep those questions coming, and remember, you have the edumagic within you!

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Teachers are EduMagic!

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