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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

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During today's episode, I interview Chancela Key an elementary education major at IUSoutheast and soon to be graduate. She is passionate about trauma-informed teaching. We connected through her professor, Dr. Asim. During our interview, Chancela shares her faith, passion for trauma-informed teaching, her favorite teaching moment, and how to learn from your experiences.

Adapt the expectations for the needs of the children in your classroom

In her interview, Chancela shares her teaching story and how she got this idea of being a teacher. At first, she never wanted to be a teacher until she had a rough senior year and an influential teacher stepped in impacted her life. A teacher took the time to pour into Chancela and persisted each day. Right before she graduated high school she decided that teaching was the way to go. Once she announced this to her mentor, she was at first discouraged to get into teaching. We are so glad that she joined the teaching field and followed her calling. Chancela wants to be there to help and support children who are experiencing or going through trauma. She also shares her journey into jail ministry and serving others.

Be an advocate for yourself and your students - what are some resources that you recommend?

Advice for student teachers or new teachers
  • Pay attention to your students

  • Be intentional with your teaching

  • Be in the present

  • Do what you can with what you have

  • When you attend professional development pick one or two areas and incorporate it into your classroom. Don't take everything - you can't - it is overwhelming.

  • Find what you love and key in on that - your passionate will take you far.

Who do you recommend preservice teachers connect with on social media?
Connect with Chancela Key

Follow Chancela on Twitter - @misskey_2019

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  • Trauma-Informed

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