Believe and you will achieve the GTPA with Rene DeCata

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

During today's episode, I chat with Rene DeCata we talk all things Graduate teacher performance assessment (GTPA)! She shares her teaching story along with tips, strategies, edtech, and more that you can use to tackle the GTPA. 💡 Fecich tip: Although this episode is about the GTPA you can use the strategies listed below when it comes to collecting data in your classroom and how to organize it all!

Listen to the episode and check out the notes below!
What is the GTPA?
  • Implemented in the Victorian Curriculum in Australia

  • The GTPA is completed by future teachers who are in their last placement round

  • The goal is to see if you can collect data and work samples, teach, analyze, and reflect on your work

  • It takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete. 💡 Fecich tip: Get started early.

  • Practice 1 - planning using data, see what students needs, gathering data, how you selected focus students, and how you utilized student prior knowledge in your lesson.

  • Practice 2 - teaching and learning - strategies in accordance with high impact teaching strategies. Aligned with professional strategies. Which feedback and questioning strategies were used?

  • Practice 3 - post-assessment - after teaching how much did students learn as a result of your teaching practice. Data analysis and see if they improved and why or if they did not improve - why?

  • Practice 4 - Reflection - what did you think went well during the lesson and what can be done better?

  • Practice 5 - Impact of teaching - select 2 scenarios that show your great teaching strategies and why.

Tips for organizing your GTPA content
  • Read the GTPA manual provided by your University to understand what it is exactly

  • 5 practices need to completed

  • Create a folder for each practice on your computer with data. 💡 Fecich tip: Make sure that you have a backup of your content using OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

  • Create a mindmap that shows the whole process 💡 Fecich tip: Use or canva to create a mindmap to get all of your ideas down and to see the big picture.

  • Develop moderation sheets with your host teacher

  • Meet with mentor teacher early so you can identify focus students and work on the content that you will be teaching.

  • Complete a contact sheet before you leave placement - you can do this during your placement

  • Schedule in time on your calendar to work on the GTPa

  • Make a list of what you need so you don't have to go back in to collect data

  • Tech Tool 1: Excel for spreadsheets to show how data was collected and analyzed

  • Tech Tool 2: Screenshots of student work can be created by using the snipping tool on Windows. 💡 Fecich tip: You might want to try Office Lens to take pics of student work. You can save as an image or PDF!

  • Tech Tool 3: Word for formatting content

"Believe and you will achieve!" - Rene Decata
Connect with Miss De Cata

@missdecata on Instagram

🔹Victoria, Melbourne 📍 🔹Graduate Year 4 Teacher 📚❣️ 🔹Be Kind To One Another 🦋🌏✨

Student teacher feature - Morgan Durham
  • Undergrad: Secondary Ed - ELA

  • Project/game/inquiry-based learning, creative/critical thinking initiatives, and edtech!

  • Twitter @MrsDurhamTeach

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  • Teacher website (she has a great pumped up playlist!)

  • Student Teacher Feature Tips shared: have and demonstrate a growth mindset, develop relationships with your students, try to implement 2 way to feedback, create a community of learners, & try something new during student teaching!

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