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Classroom screen - the screen to rule them all!

Hey everyone,

Think back to the last time you did stations or centers in your classroom. Maybe after reflecting on the lesson you are looking for a classroom management tool to use during stations or centers in your classroom. Maybe there were problems with timing or perhaps students understanding what they were to be doing at each station.

Wow, guys, Classroom Screen is one tool that really delivers!

I found classroom screen one day last spring when I was searching for classroom management tools. I suggest this one tool for student teachers when they are doing stations just because of the timer feature. So let's dive into the tool.

For a quick 2 minute tutorial about Classroom Screen check out the video below.

Some features that may be particularly helpful during your next station rotation:

  • Countdown timer - pull it up on the interactive whiteboard to easily see how much time is left or how much time you have to get from one place to another in the classroom. Set up the sound effects for a fun twist.Yeah, so I enjoy using this tool during station rotation. It give everyone a clear picture of how much time they have left in each station. It also give them an audio cue as to when it is time to move to the next station. I also use this one when it is turn and talk to a partner during class or small group discussion. It gives students a clear indicator of time expectations and keeps me to honest with time.

  • Clock - Self explanatory, but great for morning meeting you can see the time any time! Also has a calendar feature if you need it. This feature is nice to keep you and your lesson on time and that you are properly pacing it.

  • Traffic light - So many uses but just one idea (from edcamp!) is to use it as a get ready, set, go tool. Red - stop what you are doing, yellow - listen to instruction, green - go and learn!

  • Work symbols - Symbols to show what the students should be doing at that time. There is silence whisper, neighbor, and work together modes. All great for different situations in the classroom during station work.

  • Sound level - you can measure the sound level in the classroom using your microphone! Pair that with the traffic feature and the timer and now you have a dynamic tool!

This is just a few of the features listed with Classroom Screen. Oh, and did I forget to mention it is FREE! One tool that I hope to investigate this semester is the text option. As students come in I can have welcome message up on the board or a QR code that links to the days' presentation. So, my question to you is how do you plan to use this tool with your students?

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