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Writing Your Teaching Philosophy

Updated: Mar 5

This document serves as a guiding light, reflecting your beliefs, values, and approach to education. In this episode, we'll explore a teaching philosophy, why it's important, and the questions that future teachers should ask themselves as they embark on this introspective journey.

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What is a Teaching Philosophy?

A teaching philosophy is a reflective statement that articulates your beliefs, values, and goals as an educator. It serves as a roadmap, guiding your instructional choices, classroom management strategies, and overall approach to teaching.

A well-defined teaching philosophy communicates your expectations to students, parents, colleagues, and administrators. It sets the tone for your classroom and creates a foundation for meaningful relationships.

Essential Questions for Aspiring Educators:

  • What is the purpose of education?

  • What do you believe about learning?

  • Reflect on your views regarding how students learn best.

  • What values and beliefs guide your teaching? This could include a commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, or a belief in the potential of every student.

  • How do you create an inclusive learning environment? How will you accommodate, cultural backgrounds, and abilities?

  • What role does technology play in your classroom?

  • Think about your stance on integrating technology into your teaching. How will it enhance learning and engagement while maintaining a balance with traditional methods?

  • How do you assess student learning? What methods will you use to evaluate student progress, and how will you provide meaningful feedback?


How to make your teaching philosophy stand out

  • Create a flyer or infographic in Canva that shows your teaching philosophy

  • Create a video or audio piece that shares your teaching philosophy

  • Include images of you showing your teaching portfolio in action

  • Showcase your teaching philosophy on your digital portfolio

A teaching philosophy is a constantly evolving process that requires self-reflection and a dedication to continuous improvement. As aspiring teachers delve into the essential questions outlined in this guide, they set the groundwork for a teaching philosophy that will direct their practice and contribute to the transformative potential of education.

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