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Creating your own online teaching biz featuring Emily Behm

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


On the show today Emily Behm shares her tips and tricks for creating your own online teaching business. So grab some tea and notes she shares to many tips to get you started on your online teaching business journey. Emily shares which tech tools that she uses to tutor her students online and how she even mentors students virtually. Let's jump right in.

Please share your teaching story
  • Freshman year – Miss Jane Bock changed my mind

  • Graduated December 2019 - Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education

  • She started as a substitute teacher and COVID hit so she switched gears to create Learning with Emily. Learning with Emily is where she tutors students, gives piano lessons, and mentors students virtually!

Tell us about how you moved your teaching online
  • Contacted parents March 13th to alert them of the change

  • Started utilizing Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger Video, and Zoom

  • She taught herself how to use these technology tools and got to know their affordances.

  • Piano students – recordings of demonstrations of the pieces that they were working on. She gave them detailed instructions and feedback after listening to them play. She also used virtual keyboards and music flashcards with her students.

  • Be diversified and flexible with what you are working with regarding technology and pedagogy.

  • Reach students where they are in the technology that they are using.

  • Tutoring students Emily uses whiteboards and word documents

  • Mentoring students - planning and organization with school and assignments. Emily provides a listening ear and feedback to students to help them work through their ideas and thoughts. She makes it clear that she is NOT a licensed therapist.

  • Outschool which is originally for students who are homeschooled hosts classes for reading, math, baking, coding, and more. This website has expanded due to the pandemic. It is used around the world and serves students 3 to 18. She can teach students in her own class and she loves it! Emily gives some tips to get ready for your Outschool interview.

3 tips for aspiring educators who want to do the same thing
  • Use social media to promote yourself

  • Offer discounted or free sessions to various groups to gain valuable feedback and show learners/families your dedication

  • She even offered a day of free sessions

  • Offer a variety of options

  • Draw families in and show your passion for what you do

Resources for aspiring teachers who want to start their own online business.
  • Video chat - Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook messenger video. Be sure to check out privacy settings here. You can share your screen with these tools - try it out first!

  • Connect on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

  • Advertise through school districts/homeschool parent groups. Describe your services and what you offer.

Connect with Emily Behm

Twitter: missbehm_edu

Instagram: missbehm_edu

* Facebook: @EmilyBehm98 - most accessible here!

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