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Design your route to international education with Jason Reagin

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Welcome back, EduMagicians! I am so excited to have you with us today as I interview Jason, Design Guy podcast host, and his experience being an international educator. During this episode, Jason shares his teaching journey, passion for teaching internationally, and tips to help you get started. So if you are considering being an international educator of excellence, press play and jump in!

Jason shares his conversation with a professor and how it helped him pursue his degree. During this conversation, he shares these tips for those who are interested in pursuing a career in international teaching:

  • Connect with others who are already doing international teaching. There are so many opportunities for first-time teachers to connect.

  • Some schools have apprentice teacher positions for a year or so to learn alongside master teachers.

  • Attend virtual job fairs

  • Do your research on health care, safety, language, and more.

Jason's advice for student teachers
  • Be flexible

  • Have a growth mindset

  • Be adaptable

  • Try to stay away from the faculty lounge

Connect with Jason

Jason Reagin, M.Ed. : #DesignCast @diskon4no IBCP Coordinator | Intl Educator | #MYPDesign | GAFE | CI-Korea | IBEN WSL, SVTL, FR, Consultant | UGA '98 | #DesignCast Podcast

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