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Digital organization tips

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Does your desktop, browser, and drive look like a mess? Do you have a hard time finding what you need? Then you have to listen to this podcast episode featuring Allie, who shares her digital organization hacks. Allie is a 5th-grade math teacher who is obsessed with digital organization. You can find her on Instagram: - there, her freebies, and more information about her precious pup Frannie Lou!

Here are some tips from Allie
  • Create folders (or buckets) where your digital content belongs - think about organizing by activities, grade level, and subject area.

  • Primary folders in school drive - data student-specific, assessments aligned to standards (question and answer promptly), class decor (reference charts, decor ideas), data folder, master copies, parent engagement, and seasonal. Within these significant buckets are small folders more specific to strategies.

  • Don't download everything!

  • Purge your download folder once a week

  • Star folders as needed (current unit, lesson, or chapter)

  • Number our folders - essentials sorted A-Z by the name they go so that you want them to go in.

  • Daily essentials tab on bookmarks (email, LMS, exit tickets, attendance trackers, frequently visited sites) - right-click open all folders.

  • Organize by classes and type of assignment/folder - start your teaching buckets with college course buckets.

Connect with Allie

Check out her lists and freebies:

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