EdTech 101: The why what, and how featuring Dr. Patricia Dickenson

EduMagicians, today I have on the show Dr. Patricia Dickenson, who is a teacher educator and a technology geek. Dr. Dickenson is passionate about integrating edtech in the classroom with meaning and purpose. During this episode, she shares her teaching experiences and how to use educational technology in new and meaningful ways! Let's get started!

Episode Takeaways
  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Bring your passion into your practice - it's where the magic happens!

  • Provide students and teachers with quick wins - check out her book for so many ideas!

  • How can students bring what they know into the online space?

  • Students need to be doing the talking and learning

  • Ask open ended questions that lead to different ways of expression

  • Put edtech in the hands of your students

  • Collaboration is key

  • Build in compassion into your lessons

Resources mentioned in the show

Connect with Patricia

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