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EduMagic A Podcast for preservice teachers 01

Updated: May 30, 2019

I want to welcome you to episode one where I describe the purpose of the podcast and why me? Why now?

I am Dr. Sam Fecich, a professor of education at a liberal arts college in western Pennsylvania where I have the honor of teaching preservice teachers each day in areas related to educational technology and special education. I get to watch them grow from freshmen to seniors. It is an amazing journey to observe and help to guide.

As you know I published a book in 2018 titled, EduMagic: A Guide of Preservice Teachers. I had no idea that preservice teachers would take to it as they did, and I heard so many stories from preservice teachers around the world that I knew I needed to do something to share their teaching stories – enter stage right – EduMagic podcast.

Each week I will interview a different guest where we will discuss their most memorable teaching moments, favorite ideas, strategies, explore why they teach, and more! The bulk of the show will be engaging in conversation related to the eight pillars of EduMagic.

Learn how preservice teachers from around the world are using EduMagic to rock their college career. From stories about how they approach their college courses with a growth mindset to how they take control of their digital presence and unite their professional learning network on twitter or Instagram. Guests will discuss how they take the ordinary lessons and sprinkle some pixie dust on them to make them magic and memorable learning experiences or how they practice mindfulness in their teaching or demonstrating grace, kindness and advocating for students.

Guests of the show will share about learning opportunities that push them outside of their comfort zones or schedules to embrace the impact of learning and leading outside of the college classroom. Guests will share how they used technology with meaning in the classroom.

We will also get to know the guest a little bit more beyond their area of study by asking fun questions like - favorite teaching accessory or what songs I should add to my playlist.

In addition to guests who are preservice teachers other guests include administrators, current educators, and experts in the field sharing their advice for future teacher.

There you have it friends, our journey has been laid out before us, and as we embark upon this path together, please know this: you are a professional educator and that you have the EduMagic in YOU!

Until next time, my friends hit that subscribe button now! You are not going to want to miss a single episode of EduMagic!

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