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Go into your classroom with the F.L.O.W. featuring Christina Ortega

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Welcome to the third webinar in the KDP webinar series. This webinar was led by Christina Ortega, who shared about going with the FLOW in the classroom. She has been an educator for eighteen years and shares strategies learned. Specifically, Christina shares that being thoughtful and mindful about what you choose to do with your learners is critical. During this episode, she dives into each area and provides examples too.

  • F- Provide fair advantage and frequent feedback. Show students what an expectation looks like and sounds like. Be explicit in expectations with your learners.

  • L - Go in with a leader and learner mindset. You are always a student and teacher. Keep learning. Have cultural humility. Create relationships and get to know your students as individuals.

  • O- Enter the classroom with optimism and empathy—approach learning with a positive mindset.

  • W - Choose what works in your classroom with your students, and be ready to adjust. It is ok if things are not going well, stop, take a breath, and try again.

Resources in this session

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