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Updated: Mar 4, 2020


During this interview, I sit down with Chris Nesi where we discuss his teaching story, the importance of being an education major and to not take it for granted, tips for balancing work and education, and more! In addition to this conversation, I share a reviewer shout out and a student-teacher spotlight! Let's jump right in!

Student teacher spotlight - Rebecca Nichols

PreK- 4 teacher candidate at Cal U sharing her educational journey, currently a Kindergarten student teacher. Rebecca created an adobe spark video about the topic of digital presence for teacher candidates. Here it is:

  • Get a professional social media account

  • Put yourself out there

  • Share your ideas, strategies, tips, and awesome things that you are learning about in the classroom.

And now my interview with Chris Nesi

@mrnesi | Host of @HouseofEdTech & @PodcastPD | HS Teacher & University Professor | chrisnesi.com/go

During our interview, Chris shares about this teaching journey. When he was an undergrad he entered college with the idea of being a high school math teacher, he switched to history. Chris persevered and went onto receive his teaching certification K-12 history, a post-baccalaureate degree, and a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. Chris is a life long learner through his podcast, House of Edtech and continued education. He is in his twelfth year of excellence in teaching and education.

Favorite teaching moment from college days

Chris shares that there was a sad point in his college career that he knew he wasn't getting into the teaching/education program. He had to face the reality that he was going to finish the college degree and not be where he wanted to be. He persevered and continued his education to get his degree. So if you are in that boat, know that it is OK - it is not an ending. Everyone gets to teach in a different way. Chris shared that he was excited to continue his education and pursue his degree. If you are having the success in which you envisioned for yourself, don't waste your opportunity and don't take it for granted. Be there and be present, put your all into it.

Working and going back to school?
  • Focus on your priorities - student teaching comes first

  • Be present during student teaching and school experience

  • Give your best wherever you are

  • Carve out time to work on projects, grading, lesson planning

  • Be a human - have a life and take care of yourself too!

  • Try to get into schools and classroom as much as you can

Human element in education
Get out of the classroom
  • Invest in the school community and out of the classroom

  • When you can give, give - every little bit helps and counts

  • When there isn't an opportunity, make your own!

"Technology isn't difficult, just give it a try" - Chris Nesi
  • Try something new

  • It's ok to mess up and fail

  • Be better together!

  • Show up and try for your students, expose them to new things

  • Ask students for help

  • More than one way to accomplish different skills with students. Don't forget to try collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking!

The effective educator is the reflective educator
  • You visit distinguished, you don't live there - just vacation there

  • Ask for feedback from peers

  • Invite others to visit your classroom

  • No dog and pony show, plan a lesson and do what you do!

  • Enjoy every moment!

Thanks so much, ProfeHumes for the lovely 5-star review!
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