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How to prepare for a teacher recruiter on campus

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Recruiters Chris and Wyatt from Granite School District in Utah discuss how to prepare for a teacher recruiter on your campus. You'll learn

  • how to prepare for a recruiter

  • what to bring

  • how to prep for the interview

  • what questions to ask.

Q1: If a recruiter is coming on campus, what does that mean? What does a recruiter do, and how can we best prepare?

A1: We are excited to meet students when we come to campus, and meeting students is the best part of our job. Students are excited about starting their careers and are eager to learn.

  • Our job is to come in and get to know you and for you to get to know us. We will offer you opportunities to learn more about our district. We will want to speak with you, and we will want to get information from you, such as a well-written resume that only focuses on education.

  • We want to know where you have students taught, your mentors, and anything related to education like tutoring. Please let us know if you know of any endorsements or things we can use for our kids because our kids should have a variety of exposure to learning in different areas.

  • So it would help if you came prepared with a current resume with current references. I find that people do not have contact information. It is accurate for their references, but we have to call them by law. Recommendation letters are good if you want to do them, but make sure they are education-related.

  • If you have a video of your teaching experience or a link to it that you could share, an interview in person would be fantastic. It's even better if you can interview them by seeing them interact with kids so that you can see how they can set the bar for students in terms of excitement and enthusiasm and see what's going on in the classroom.

  • The other thing I forgot to mention and why I just remembered it is if you have ever worked, especially in today's online environment, a link to a canvas site or anything similar that you have had to do. So on our application website, it'll have a place for you to link to your canvas site or your Google classroom. If you have experience in that, that is a plus.

  • Over break, you might want to get Google certified as Google certified teacher or Microsoft certification.

Q2 What questions can I expect to answer during this interview?

A2: Some common questions asked by a recruiter:

  • What is a successful lesson plan? You'll see things about reflection. Especially for an early educator, we want to know about your reflection and what we will do to grow and improve?

  • You're going to find something about professional learning communities or PLCs or collaboration because, you know, none of us are as smart as all of us.

  • Typically, there will be a question about maybe something a bit challenging for you, a hard time during teaching.

  • Be honest about your weaknesses and how you are handling them.

  • Share a story or an example about your practicum experience if you can.

  • Classroom management will always be a big one. There's always going to be a question about classroom management. It could be a situational-type question. What if I gave you a scenario, then I would say, and what if that didn't work out? In other words, think about classroom management on more than one level. Please don't say I'll send them to the principal as your first step.

How will you use data to inform your teaching decision-making?

  • How will you differentiate your instruction?

Q3: How long should we expect to be in an interview with a recruiter on campus?

A3: Anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Probably not too long. There may also be a demonstration teaching component as well as the interview.

Q4: What are two excellent questions that an interviewee can ask you as the recruiter?

A4: It's okay to write down questions. Write down some questions you would like to know about the district on a little card or in a notebook. There is a schedule for the meeting, so don't ask too many questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask how the hiring process works. What can you expect?

  • I shared with you, and I was vulnerable about this particular aspect. What kind of support could I find for that?

The Granite School District is in South Salt Lake, the center of Salt Lake City. It covers about 250 square miles. It goes from mountain range to mountain range.

We have a lot of different things to offer teachers, such as a mentoring program, retirement plan, and even an on-campus health clinic.

Special thanks to Chris and Wyatt from Granite School District of Utah for joining me during this unique Instagram live and podcast episode.

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