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ISTE 2018

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

This past ISTE conference marked a lot of firsts for me. For example, this was my first time presenting with a group of colleagues that I never met before and we only met online. We presented two sessions with a higher education focus. The first was about top ten tools to use in the classroom. I presented about One Note - a tool to rule them all. The next presentation was about some innovative strategies and pedagogies that we are using in our classrooms to prepare future educators. I shared about the virtual co-op program in my technology of instruction class.

Another first for me was presenting a playground session. I have never been to a playground session at ISTE. It is a whirlwind of learning and leading. So I did just that. I presented about several ISTE standards and how I incorporate them into my classroom.

See the Sway document presented below for resources.

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