Let's go to Death Valley!

As a preservice teacher at Youngstown State University, I have many opportunities to go into the local schools, mainly Youngstown City School District, and work with the students. This semester, my field is focused on teaching reading and writing skills to students. As a preservice middle level math and science teacher, I was admittedly intimidated at the start of this semester being asked to work with elementary school students on their reading and writing skills. All semester, I have struggled finding ways to get my students to write. My assigned time to work with the students was during their recess break two to three days each week. My struggle to make up fun activities based around writing truly showed, especially when the student boredom led to behavioral issues.

In my ongoing efforts to improve my instructional strategies both within this field and beyond as a future educator, I decided to attend EdCamp GCC where I was reminded of a gre