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Let your light shine and build relationships with students featuring LaVonna Roth

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Your heart will smile as you listen to the episode with LaVonna Roth. LaVonna is full of positivity and is all about igniting your shine. She will inspire you to keep going and end the semester strong!

During this episode, LaVonna shares her teaching story and what has led her to the teaching field. LaVonna shares the importance of building relationships with our students and practical ways to build relationships as a new teacher, student-teacher, or field student.


  • It is how we are designed.

  • We want to survive to thrive.

  • Maslow hierarchy driven

  • Connect with students so they don't see you as a threat

  • You want your students to be in a state of learning


  • Take a step back and rethink relationship building

  • Think about your body language and facial expressions

  • Track the touchpoints that you have had with students

  • Identify your students' strengths and skills

  • Use the phrase "I noticed that ___."

Connect with LaVonna Roth
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