Long term subs this one is for you!

Guest blogger: Katy Gibson

Are you starting your first long-term substitute position this year? It can be overwhelming! Especially since it is not your classroom, but you want to keep everything consistent for the students.

I unexpectedly had to take a long-term substitute position last year. I originally was a paraprofessional for the school district, but they needed me for a 5th grade long-term substitute position. I was not prepared, but I was able to be successful. The year prior, I was a teacher in a different state for a year, so I used this knowledge to understand the main teachers’ perspective. I asked myself, what would I expect from my long-term substitute?I want to share with others about how I was able to thrive during my time. I will be sharing tips that you can control yourself, instead of focusing on the situations out of your control.