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Make the recording process for EDTPA easy with Swivl!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hey EduMagicians, are you having trouble recording your EDTPA video portion? For some future teachers, this can be a point of contention. You might be asking yourself,

  • "How do I get started with recording my lesson?"

  • "How do I edit my recording?"

Friends, Swivl has you covered! Swivl is an amazing tool that you can use to record your lessons. It is a free (there is a paid option), user-friendly tool that will help you record with ease. 💡 Fecich Tip: Don't wait until the day of your recording to get familiar with the app and device. Record your lessons often, even if you aren't going to submit them to EDTPA. By recording often, you will get more comfortable with yourself on video, and it will help you with self-reflection.

Let's learn more about how Swivl can help with the recording process so you can slay your EDTPA.

What is Swivl?
  • It is 2 parts - A microphone/tracker device captures audio during the video recording. It tracks you around the classroom as you teach.

  • App - You can upload to the platform and edit, timestamp, annotate, etc., on the app's video with your account.

How can swivl help during the EdTPA?
  • Get a holistic view of the classroom

  • It can include multiple audio checks which can record the interaction between a teacher and students

  • You can't be everywhere at once - this is where Swivl can step in and help.

*Both images below were obtained with permission from Swivl*

Swivl and EDTPA
How Swivl can help with EDTPA recording
Edtpa Flyer 1
Swivl and techer prep
How swivl can help with teacher prep programs
Swivl and teacher prep
How can swivl help during student teaching or as a first year educators?
  • Upload a rubric and standards that you are looking for (set up by a professor or district)

  • Observe and document growth and development over time

  • Provide a timestamp with annotations

  • Great for self-reflection on a lesson

  • Have a conversation with commenting during the review

  • Collaborate on video

Swivl set up tips
  • A Swivl account is FREE - download the app

  • You don't need a robot to record. If you do, put the robot closer to you so it can track you properly.

  • If you want to use the mics for discussion, you can set them up with student groups. Cluster mics are 2 to 3 feet between students.

Where can I learn more?

Please note, I am not affiliated with Swivl.

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